Leaving behind…

After a long period of hardships in your life. After all the hard test have been overpowered, the most difficult thing is to leave those bad feelings behind.

Getting over a bad experience does not mean that you have to pretend the harm never existed.  It just means it is no longer directing your life.

I know there are things you will not be able to forget, but at least take the power you once gave them to guide the course of your life for a while and, retake it once more.

I once thought I was not good enough and, that I did not deserve to be happy and prosperous and those thoughts governed my life for a long time.  After discovering that there was no external person nor influence to blame, I decided to take that power back and manage it myself to direct it to more fruitful endeavours.

And following the same note I have been commenting in my articles, I have been observing the blessings hidden inside those hardships. And yes, many “black moments” in my past, had led me to the brightest ones as well. So why not try and learn the lesson faster and leave those “hard feelings” behind?

With that in mind it should be easier to see problems and obstacles as motivators to continue our journey, instead of “reasons” to quit and recoil.

But “old habits die hard” and we are creatures of customs, so we need to keep our “monsters” at sight so we feel at home.  Until the day you realise those “monsters” are not as ferocious as we thought and, then we discover that they are no longer needed because they had taught us the lesson.

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2 thoughts on “Leaving behind…

  1. Wonderful advice, Hector. I thoroughly enjoy your posts and the opportunity to reflect. We have a choice about how much emotional luggage we are willing to drag around, don’t we? I know for me, sometimes it’s a process and takes time. I need to sit with the discomfort for a bit and have my feelings before I move into a more rational mode, make meaning of the experience, learn from it, and let it go. 🙂

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  2. Thank YOU D!! Yes we need to allow ourselves to go through that process, that is very important. But I am too impatient to start there for looking and most times I accelerate it. Of course I end up paying the consequences later. Thank you for reading, commenting and your kindness and support!!!

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