I am not a very social person. It is not that I do not love to meet new people, on the contrary, I love to meet new people but what I do not like is big crowds.

I like to focus on a small group of people so we can get to know each other well and I can give these new friends proper attention.  But when you have to meet many people at the same time is when I usually exit the stage left.

Do not get me wrong, I am not really antisocial, (well, not very much.) But I believe every person I meet is like a new window that allows you to see new scenery, new thoughts, new experiences and so on.

And when you get to know those people more and more they become like doors that allow you to enter new worlds different to yours and most times you are able to share in harmony their world and yours.

But I still believe in respect and I consider each person deserves a certain amount of time and attention you need to dedicate to make their acquaintance.

Sometimes you might find someone really fascinating but that person might not find you interesting at all.  That is normal. Some people arrive to be our teachers/disciples for a long time, some others stay a few minutes, but they all have a reason to appear in your life.

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