Why do bad things have to exist? If God is so “good” as they say, then why he allows the bad and the ugly to exist?

These are common questions we all hear all the time.

And have you ever imagined a world without opposites?

It could not exist at all actually.

We need a point of comparison to be able to “measure” things. How would you know if something is cold if there was not hot? Silly example I know I am just trying to make my point here.

Would you appreciate silence if you never were exposed to noise? No. you wouldn’t have a point of reference to establish the difference.

You need to give yourself to opportunity to miss someone, in order to appreciate their company. Many times an excess of “company” bring worst problems in a relationship.

If you spend all your time surrounded by many people, you will miss your own company and that is a more serious problem than you think.

Sometimes is good to try our favourite food in a bad restaurant so we go back to the place where we know they prepare it deliciously!

The moment we understand and appreciate our health more is when we are in the middle of illness.

When we live our darkest moments is when we really fight to see the light again.

We need to reach the bottom, so our spirit gathers the strength to rise to the surface once more.

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2 thoughts on “Opposites

  1. I love your posts, Hector. They always bring up interesting thoughts. I think there are some negatives I could do without quite nicely 🙂 Ha ha. Have a great day.


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