The truth?

“I just want to know the truth” I heard a by passer said with desperation. The person who was walking with him, softly answered:” But you already know the truth”. The first person acted surprised at first, but then he nodded accepting the comment and sadly looked away to the distance in silence.

Can we hide the truth so easily from ourselves? Are we really constantly avoiding to see it, even when it is “clearly “right in front of our eyes?

I know a person who seems to have a wonderful funny life, at least is what all of her friends think, because despite the fact that she is no longer a young lass, she still goes to places where younger people go to have fun and she seems to enjoy it very much. They call her “Dancing granny”, she has always been known for her great spirits and contagious joy.

Few days ago I found her sitting alone in a park and she told me, in a moment of “weakness”, (using her own words), that she had always been afraid of getting old, that she no longer feels well pretending she is a young girl, even dancing now is getting hard and painful. She told me it has always been very difficult for her to face her age, because her body cannot cope with her former rhythm any more.

“But I thought you enjoyed your crazy life” I told her.

“It has been so difficult to face my truth all this time” she answered before leaving me with my thoughts.

Nothing is absolute in this world, we can see a thing totally different if we observe it from different perspectives, so when we decide to put the “truth” tag on something, we need to be aware that we might need to change that tag depending on our mood, present beliefs, even the light we see the things under. But even the hardest truths do not stay unmovable for ever.

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3 thoughts on “The truth?

  1. Great questions because we’re often blind to the truth, for a period of time at least. It takes some quiet time for me to sort out the “truths” since so much of it is perception and myth, and not truth at all. Great post for reflection, Hector 🙂

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  2. You are so right dear D! Perception and Myth are very difficult to spot sometimes and we take them as the one and only Truth. Thank you for your constant support!!!

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  3. Thanks D! Perception and Myth are two false friends we erroneously take as the Truth! But time shows us the difference!! Thank you for reading!!! Happy Easter!

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