Get rid of it

When planning a spring cleaning or when moving to a new home, a very difficult thing to do is, deciding what to keep and what to get rid of.

Same happens when you want to clean your life or your contacts in your agenda.

Sometimes changing your social environment is the hardest of all.  Leaving a friendship behind is so difficult for some people, they feel bad for the other person and most times we haven’t seen that person in months or even years.

If that person has no interest to contact us, we can remove the “friend” tag from them without remorse.

Same for ideas, habits and objects that we no longer use or need in our daily life.  Some people say that if you didn’t use a thing for the last couple of months, then you don’t need it any more.  Yes, I know some people might debate the period of time but it is something to consider.

Some friends are now learning how to live the minimalism movement that is helping so many people around the world to have a simpler and meaning oriented life.  I am still in kindergarten in that subject but really interested as well.

But what about planning a spring cleaning of our mind and body?

What if there are old habits and ideas that we no longer need and that are affecting our development right now? Yes, you know very well which ones I am talking about.

What if our circle of friends is still “seeing” at things in a different perspective that no longer serve us? I am not saying you need to “dump” all your friend and acquaintances, but what about making the effort to go to new places and events to meet new ones?

What is the easiest and fastest way to know if something or someone is no longer a part of your life?

Just ask yourself: does it/them add or subtract from my life?

Depending on your answer, you will realise if they still belong or not in your life.

Our body needs frequent cleansing as well and, drinking one day, the whole day, only water, no other food whatsoever had helped me in the past and that is a habit I should retake at least twice per month.

Cleaning is always difficult and overwhelming for some, but it is necessary for our well being and the only way to advance in our life.









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