Are you collapsing?

Sometimes we feel things in our emotional bag are getting too heavy to carry around and then our inner strength fails and we end up falling down to the ground.

Besides the pain and numbness this fall causes in our heart, we finally decide to get up again, but sometimes even when we are back in our feet once more we feel our soul is shattered and we cannot put our pieces back together.

Being in this zone is something we all as humans have to experience many times in our life in order to learn and master our journey.  Yes, we all have been there and we will come back many times. What changes and shows your mastery is how long do you spend in that state.

You can lie down for a long time there focusing on the pain and feeling sorry for yourself or you can just get rid of the dust and continue your journey with a new experience under your sleeve.

Of course we still could feel the guilt, but just focus on the things around you and that will take the shame and guilt away.  Keep your mind busy.

You know very well there are things you cannot control, and therefore there are nothing you can do about them, but put all your attention on the things you can control and change and keep the certainty that things will get better and on your favour.

Remember that interacting with nature is the best healing balm there is, the exterior environment will help your inner self to heal and stand on your feet faster once more.

Keep in mind that what happened to you is a way life has to make you stronger and wiser, yes it hurts a lot but the equivalent of that pain will be the level of mastery you get with the experience, just be aware of the lesson and do not repeat the steps that took you to that fall.

Learn to spend some time alone. Being with family and friends is a very enjoyable experience, but if you do not learn to spend time with yourself, you will suffer double when no one is near to comfort you.  Besides the highest epiphanies appear when you are in contact with your inner self on your own.

Cultivate an understanding heart. Once you learn that forgiveness is very necessary for your own sake and health. Bitterness will not be able to find a home in your soul and then you will be a freer and happier spirit.

And last but not least, get used to flip your negative thoughts. Once you allow them in, they are very difficult to eradicate, besides positive thinking has been proven to have a very powerful impact in your results.

If you have fallen and you are still doubting to get up and continue your journey, remember that many people wish they were in your shoes now, you still have the opportunity to change and make things better.

We all will be grateful to you for taking these new opportunities and share your new acquired wisdom with all of us.

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