It’s ok (Note to self)

It’s OK to wake up one morning feeling drained, without your usual joy of life on and to decide in that very moment to take the day off. Just to gather enough strength to carry on with your journey.

It is valid to decide today not to feel gratitude for the good things you have got and, to let your heart feel that nostalgia for the days and people who are no longer here with you.

It is acceptable to decide to let anger and sadness to fill your heart and soul for a while because those feelings are a part of your human nature and have a reason to exist in you.

It is advisable to allow doubt to appear suddenly in the middle of your path, so you can evaluate your results and make the necessary changes in your route.

It is healthy to stop and take a rest during your day to take a deep breath and admire how far you have walked so far. This will give you the motivation to carry on with more enthusiasm.

It is of utmost importance to give yourself a day of solitude, so you can talk with your heart and head in order to get to know your deepest self better. This way, you will discover many things you ignored you had in your soul, unspoken dreams and desires that are waiting for you to give them the Light and attention they need to become a part of your reality.

Today could be that day of solace and relax you have been postponing, because you thought you were too busy to allow yourself to rest and regain your power.  If you decide to procrastinate this once more, you will be closer to face a serious illness and be forced to remain in a hospital for a long time, rather than getting nearer to achieving your goals. You are the main character in your personal movie, but if you do not take care of your body (the main actor), this movie might end up unfinished for your negligence.

You have chosen to be the warrior of your own battles, otherwise you would not be here right now.  But in order to win the war, you need to fight and rest, learn and train, walk and stop to ponder.

Life is like a wave, with ups and downs, peaks and valleys, and learning to “surf” these cycles is a part of our mission here.

So embrace your resting times with gratitude and allow yourself to accept them and respect them when you need them. Same with your “active” times. Both have their own importance and value.

Remember that sometimes inactivity is more valuable than unprepared action.  Sometimes you can make things worse by acting impetuously. Silence is more important in music than the notes themselves, said Tchaikovsky.

Give yourself a break from time to time, learn to receive that pause and never take it as a waste of time. I have seen too many guitar strings snap due to an excess of tension. Do not let that happen to you as well, I am sure you have got too many things to do now but the only way to continue in good shape is taking control of your own balance.

Do not allow your life to end up as an “unfinished symphony”

It’s ok to remember that you are a human being and to cease expecting to be able to work all the time, even the most sophisticated machines need to be turned off from time to time.

Keep this in mind before illness or death force you to abruptly stop once and for all.

You always be able to continue your journey after the pause.






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