Let them go

One of the hardest things in life is, when someone we love, leaves permanently.  When a loved one leaves this physical plane or just follows a different path, it is hard for us to admit it.

Sometimes we even get really mad with God, the Universe or just Destiny, but it is always very difficult to accept and understand their departure.

I was talking with a group of students about the death of a famous singer who was killed by a gunshot by accident, (He was mistaken by somebody else).

He was a very kind human being and his death caused a great grief in several countries.

Everybody was very upset by his death and you could hear most people talking about how unjust his death had been. “He did not deserve to die like that” was the collective opinion.

After some weeks after his assassination, I had the opportunity to talk to his widow and she told me that the truth was, he had the death he wanted. Because he was losing his sight, he spent most of his time with unbearable pain and it was getting very difficult for him to move by himself. That caused him frustration and emotional agony.

When that executioner mistook him for a different person and pulled the trigger, he never thought that he was actually liberating someone of a big suffering and preventing him from living a painful life.

This might sound harsh but it was a reality. This famous man was getting more delicate every day and his quality of life was extremely reduced.

His wife said he prayed every day for a way out of his misery and, believe it or not, he received the answer to his prayers.

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