When I look at the things I have been through so far, I realise that most of my experience, those things I consider as valuable knowledge, are mostly the result of painful events.

I am able to walk now, because many times I fell down as I tried to take my first steps when I was a little child, I got up again and kept trying to imitate those people around me who were able to walk without a problem.

Every fall was painful, but that did not kept me from standing up again and keep trying. And now, thanks to that I can walk for hours and enjoy it.

When I was a child the teaching methods were not as “open” as nowadays, my teachers were very strict and learning to read was a cumbersome task. Having to study for hours, learning to recognise and write each letter, was in some way painful, due to the methods they used to teach us.  But it was all worth it. Reading and writing are one of my fondest pleasures right now, so I am everyday more than grateful for this marvellous gift.

Learning to use a match and later a lighter, involved some pain as well, but thanks to that pain, I respect fire now, since I have felt its effects in my skin.  So now I am able to cook and light up beautiful candles and incense to make my environment more harmonious.

Of course not all my knowledge involved pain, but I have learnt that when pain appears in my life, there is a lesson hidden and instead to focus my attention completely on the pain, one part of my mind keeps looking for the lesson in order to identify it and dig out its gold.

Life has been very generous with me and I have learnt to find the lesson in the experiences of others too.  And I prefer to learn the lesson from the experience of a third person than having to go through all the trouble someone else is going through now. This is not always possible, but I always make my best to achieve it.

Learning from the mistakes of others, when possible, will save you pain, time and extra work.

Building a house takes a lot of material and effort, hard work and pain as well, but the end result is worth all what we have to experience to see it materialised in our reality.

So do not be afraid to meet pain from time to time in your path, that is the price we have to pay sometimes, and when it is gone and has healed, we call it wisdom.



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