Your silence


Nowadays, empty words are such a trend. Everybody has to say something all the time.

Even when they do not know what to say or they have no idea of what they are talking about.

If someone else is talking about something that happened to them the day before, people usually have an anecdote “more interesting”, “more frightening”, “more fabulous” to add.

If someone has some kind of illness or is going through a difficult time, there will always be that person who is going through something much more terrible than the others. As if demeaning other´s people problems and dilemmas was some kind of contest.

When someone dies and they are trying to cope with the pain, there is always people repeating already made and meaningless phrases, as if saying something would change the pain and loss the others are going through.

Do not take me wrong, I am not saying that telling nice things to others is bad.  What I am just trying to say here is that we are so conditioned to say something at every moment that we ignore the influence of one of the most powerful tools in human communication: The silence.

The power of you being there, silent but present, for someone else when they are in trouble, is one of the biggest gifts you can give them.

Remember that Tchaikovsky said that in music, the silences were more important than the notes themselves.  Same happens in our everyday and meaningful communication.

I remember once when the daughter of a friend passed away, I had no words to say to him. When I saw him all I could do was to give him a hug for a while.

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