It will not go away, until…

“…But I have done all the visualisations, meditations, affirmations and any spiritual exercise you can imagine, but my situation is still the same” my friend said yesterday with a desperate tone.

“I know the feeling” I answer with first hand experience.

“But I think I have done everything to change my life and circumstances but I just do not see these problems vanishing from my life”. He bitterly complained.

“I know very well what you are going through now” i told him. “It is really frustrating, but it is a natural process.”  I answered as calmed as possible.

“You are a technical advisor; you should be used to it by now” I said.  He looked at me puzzled. I continued without stopping my walk.

“When someone hires you to solve problems in their company, you work there until they are all solved, right?” He nodded without understanding where I was heading to.

“I have learnt that when we keep repeating the same mistakes, the external signals or “teachers” disguised as problems and difficulties, stay with us until we have understood the lesson and made the pertinent changes.”

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2 thoughts on “It will not go away, until…

  1. Thank you for you kindness, yet we all have to remember our impermanence in this world and things look different. Thank you for reading and commenting always!!

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