You have survived

When I was a child I found happy faces everywhere I looked.  Now it is getting more difficult to find them around.  Probably as a child I did not put much attention to other people’s mood, the people I looked at was happier or I was not trained to see a sad or depressed face yet.

“Those were other times” some would answer, “People then had fewer worries, these times are more difficult” is a common response nowadays.

I am not sure how to classify it, but yes, finding happy faces is not as easy for me lately.  Should I move to a different country? Well, not exactly, after travelling a lot I have found all kind of people everywhere, but thanks to the internet now you can talk to people on the other side of the planet in real time and realise that they are not having it easier there either.

Fortunately, I still have contact with children.  They will be always authentic and will find all the time a reason to have a good laugh at any circumstance. Few adults cultivate this gift, but you and I should try it more often.

After all we are survivors, we are still here in this world and despite the fact that things might look darker sometimes we have been giving another chance to change our life today and, if we are lucky, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

You are the magnificent survivor of a million battles, you have survived and learnt your lessons. You are proudly standing here today where many have failed.  You still have the chance to do something about your life while many do not have that opportunity any more. Think of that.

They say that the darkest moment is seconds before dawn. It is the coldest moment as well.

So you have been there many times and came out alive in every occasion. So it could be a good idea if you focus your attention in moving on. An experienced survivor like you cannot waste time feeling sorry for yourself or dwelling on the past, just use it as a reference so you do not make the same mistake over and over again.

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