Do not feel bad

We all need to accept the fact that each one of us is responsible for our own results. Good or bad. And that we should not give any one else that power either.

I was talking to a friend of mine who decided to leave her country to live with indigenous communities in the jungle. She goes to different zones in south america to carry food, medicine and teach people in remote towns to read and write. Among other things.

She is very happy doing what she loves but, lately she has been going through a series of bad moments because her mother died recently and she now feels that she was very selfish due to her passion for travel and leaving her mother and family behind.

I never met her mother but, according to what I have heard from others members of her family, she was happy to know her daughter was doing so much good in different parts of the planet. And so do the rest of her family.

But now she feels she did wrong by choosing her happiness over the happiness of her mother and, that is ruining her life right now.

According to my own experience, nobody is really responsible for the happiness or unhappiness of the others, since everyone chooses how to live their lives and how to respond to it. Although, I have been in both sides of this equation several times, so I will not cast the first stone!

I have blamed others for my unhappiness and I have felt guilty for making other people unhappy as well. Difficult not to fall into that game sometimes, I know but, that is something you need to learn if you want to be really happy and make others happy as well.

Making other people happy is not an easy task, sometimes we can do something to make them happy, at least for a while, but other times we need to learn that the only way we can “spread” our happiness and share it with others is by being happy ourselves first.

Keep in mind that we cannot give what we do not have, so do not feel selfish when you need to take a time to refill yourself with happiness, relaxation, love, health, wealth etc. Remember: “A well needs to be full of water, before it can quench the thirst of others.”

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