The external

We constantly talk about our old negative ideas, beliefs and hidden concepts in our mind that keep us sunk in our depression and lack of success.

But we cannot forget that we are inhabitants of a physical universe and that there are external factors as well.

Yes, we create our reality with our feelings and thoughts. Yes, we are responsible for the things that we create and attract to our personal reality and yes, there are other people in this local reality creating and attracting their own things as well, so we are not alone and yes, we are attracting and creating those external factors as well.

Let´s imagine you are an enthusiast of motorcycles. Then you get one or more motorcycles and then attract other people who are passionate about them as well.  Then your “inner circle” could be formed by people who share your hobbies and passions.

Then you gather some days to talk about motorcycles and take a ride around your city, right?

Of course you might have many other interests and hobbies but then, you attract people who are interested on those subjects too, so you can exchange ideas and learn from them as well. That is a positive thing.

But the problem is when you surround yourself with people who are going through the same problems and tests as you are right now. If at least you would form a support group to help each other to get out of the hole, that would be a wonderful idea, but usually, the conversation with those people takes a negative and self-compassionate tone.

So instead of helping each other to try and find ideas to make an alliance and work on solutions, they usually talk about the problems, make them bigger and share their suffering and frustration.

What about putting more attention on the things, people and ideas you are bringing into your life right now?

I know you have people who have been with you for a long time and you love them and you cannot “leave” them and I am not saying that you should, but you can “change” the heading of a conversation to the positive side when they begin throwing the rubbish can upon you.

Most times, when you begin to “change your frequency” people who “vibrate” at a different rate begin to take a different path and, new people appear in your life.

That is a natural process. Do not feel bad when this happens, this is a part of your growth.

If you are creating a “reality” you do not totally agree with, begin by changing your thoughts and ideas, but please, watch the people, information and beliefs that you open the door of your heart to.

The external factors are playing an extremely important role in your inner experience too, do not overlook them please.

Whatever you allow into your body will have an effect in your soul. (Ideas, concepts, food, and so on) Please learn to be more selective next time.

Thank you.




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