Depending on them

From my book: Answers

I was reading a forum where writers share their experiences, doubts and advices with other writers and, I was surprised to find out that one of the most asked questions was: Who do you all have in your life that supports your passion for writing?

Most people answered that their families were not really interested in their passion. They supported themselves and many said that they were writers because they believed in themselves.

I was very impressed to read that a big number had quitted writing because the amount of criticism they had receive and believed they were not good at all.

Some of them looked for support at local writers groups and other forums on line, where the aggression and lack of respect is amazing.

Instead of constructive criticism, the people there is very destructive in their attitude.

That reminded me of many activities in my life where I felt so insecure that I just kept looking for acceptance and support. And you know what?

Most of the time I received neither one, nor the other. And at the beginning, that kept me from advancing and taking new steps on many areas.  But after a while you learn that you must be your own encouragement, your own support and your own inspiration.

It could be a real surprise if you could really knew the opinion some of your close people have about you and the things you do.

Most of the time they don’t really care about it.

I am not saying they are bad people for not showing interest or support you in your passions.  But the Universe puts them on your path so you can learn to overcome that resistance and follow your dreams with or without anyone else.

Do not make yourself dependant on other people’s opinion or “advice”. Believe it or not, they won’t follow their own advices and they will always find many reasons why what you want to accomplish is not possible.


Once again I entice you to read the biographies of achievers who had reached their dreams, all of them were surrounded by naysayers. But they only followed the voices from their hearts. And now you can see the results.

On the other hand, I am sure that you already know deep inside of you what to do next, but probably you are unsure to take the next step.

Please, you are the person who is going to live with you the rest of your life, listen to your heart, because although things might seem different on the outside, after some time you will see that your heart is always right, always.

Now take the next step towards your happiness…

From my book: Answers






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