The best I can do

I still have problems defining when I have to stop trying to do things. On one side my mind tells me to “make things happen” and the other side says “do not force things and go with the flow”.  And that is like trying to drive with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake at the same time.

I know, sometimes life asks you to go beyond your normal efforts in order to achieve more meaningful things and sometimes you need to allow things to freely flow because with your pressure you are only slowing things down.

But how do you know when acting one way and when acting the other?

In my own experience and, what has worked for me so far, is that when I have to “push” too much to start something, I take that as an indication of not going further and allow things to align themselves first.  Take a rest and get myself out of the way.

Many sages in the past have learnt a lot while watching Mother Nature at work. Yes, you of course remember: “As it is above, so below”. And as my inner world is a reflex of the outer universe, the best way to try and understand it is, by observing it and evoking its behaviour.

You could be worrying about some present issue that is keeping you from sleeping at night, you see no plausible solution at hand and your mind keeps trying to find the best course of action but to no avail.

You have done everything in your power and still, no results. This is driving you mad and yet, no clarity before you, no open door at sight, not even a window.  So instead of allowing adrenaline to fill your system and harming your liver, why don’t you allow the Natural Order of things to take control and get yourself out of its way for a while so 1) you can recover your energy at all levels and 2) Nature flows with its own strength without you trying to paddle against the current.

Yes, you are an achiever.  Yes, you have to take action in order to make things happen but, as a co-creator you are not the only one moving the waters of this local reality.  So you need from time to time to take your head out of the water, take a breath and look at where you are and where you are heading to.  Correct your course and keep living your life at the fullest.

Yes, things have been rough in the past. Yes, you survived and thrived! You are a great survivor and this time you have gathered much more experience and strength. So this time will not be the exception.

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5 thoughts on “The best I can do

  1. This makes good sense. You’re right though it really isn’t easy to take your foot off the accelerator when you’ve been driving over the speed limit for years!! X Thanks for this important reminder xx


  2. Indeed Wendy, inertia is difficult to stop, until one day your life asks for it! Thanks for reading and for your comment!


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