One of the most difficult things I have tried to get over with is that feeling of not doing enough to make this a better world for me and others.

Sometimes I feel so useless and powerless while trying to find a better way to do things. I wish there was an “app” in my mind to help me find the best and fastest way to accomplish those long awaited and unfulfilled dreams in my heart.

But I guess sometimes Life has a way to “help” you learn things faster and that is by giving you experiences where you can apply those things you have been reading and learning about through many different sources. But when times comes for you to “utilise” the tools you have received throughout your life, is when real “knowledge” comes.

It is really amusing to listen to those people who believe their “truth” is the only reality that exists.  And you can find examples everywhere and at all levels. From regular people to professors at prestigious universities throughout the world.

We all cling to our own particular “truth” and what others think Is just unfounded rubbish. Yes, I am sure you know many examples of this as well.

Some people say I have lost the joy of life because I do not argue with them any more, but I think I just got tired of enter endless discussions with no actual benefit but just a desperate battle to defend our concepts and ideas. Which most times, were planted by someone else and are not based on our own experience and reasoning.

So, instead of wasting time with the same old, same old. I am trying to focus my attention towards how to contribute in my little world to make it better someway.

Sometimes lessons arrive in a curious disguise and that happened to me the other day, when I met with this suicidal friend who was so disappointed with his life that the best thing he could think of, was taking his own life and ending all his suffering.

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