The pain in change

Have you noticed that when facing new circumstances, new situations like a new job, moving to a new house, a new relationship, etc. We react in many different ways?

Fear is the first feeling to jump into our heart. And sometimes that fear is the main reason because we reject change so much.

And it is understandable since change could be a very traumatic experience at first.

I remember when I was a child to be afraid of jumping into a swimming pool because my memory of the first contact with water at a different temperature was not very enjoyable.  It took me a long time to slowly crawl into the pool and it was not a very pleasant event.

Of course once this “traumatic” experience was passed it was almost impossible to take me out of the pool, but to “convince” me to dive into it first thing in the morning was a very difficult task.

My mind associated that getting into the water, that change of corporal temperature with “pain”. Not that it was really painful in anyway, but to me it was a “painful” experience.  I compared that sensation of a sudden change in temperature with the pain in a fall or some others painful experiences.

It took me some time to realised that if I just “speeded up” the process the joy was nearer! So instead of entering the pool little by little I just closed my eyes and jumped in. Yes, that is what everybody is supposed to do but it took me sometime to achieve it in my particular case.

But this simple happening, taught me a very interesting and important lesson after all these years.

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