The good, the bad and the lesson…


From my book Answers II

When I have experienced something difficult or “bad” in my life, usually I took it off my mind for a while and just after the pain had gone I brought it back to my attention.

I had this tendency to look away from the hard or bad lessons in my life, since I considered that if I took all “bad” things in my life from my attention they would not affect me anymore, they would vanish and gone for ever.

But nowadays I take a different approach to those “bad and ugly” events in my life.  I have learnt to appreciate them and put them in a special place in my memories, because if I hadn’t experience them I wouldn’t be here now, I wouldn’t be who I am and I wouldn’t be able to share the lessons and blessings they have brought to my life.

I am not saying I am now a masochist who enjoys suffering and having rough experiences. Not at all. What I am saying is that the tough things I am experiencing now are no longer sending me to the floor and keeping me there all the time.

I am doing my best to understand that everything is a process in this life and that we need to open our eyes to observe and understand what the Universe has for us in each thing that arrives in our life every day. Label it good or bad, just don’t miss the lesson within.

It is something difficult, please don’t think is for everyone, it takes a lot of strength to learn that and apply it to your own life. But once you have that concept deep in your mind, things take a new appearance and your attitude and reaction to those events make the difference.

Just compare the way you react to certain events now, and try to remember how you reacted to a similar situation a few years ago. Those hard times have taught you some things, right?

Just think about it, if your life had been only nice things, you wouldn’t have grown or learnt to appreciate anything whatsoever.

Every incident has a reason and we are learning from everything. Every event has its lesson and every day I am more convinced that everything happens for our own good.  Even if you never understand why things happened the way they did.

So observe everything in your life right now and try to find the lesson in them.

Be thankful for the good, the bad and the lesson in every aspect of your life right now.

Taken from my book: Answers II


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