Treat them well

To my mom.


She was a very little and frail old lady.

They were four huge men used to deal with difficult people who usually received them violently, but after all, that was their job, they deliver legal notifications and as they usually were bearers of bad news, people always treat them bad.

They were apparently habituated to this and their attitude was very aggressive. I saw the scene from a distance and, knowing how they behave sometimes, I was getting ready to go and be ready to protect that old lady from any hostility.

They knocked at her door as if they were trying to smash it to pieces.  The old lady opened the door and look at them with a smile, the expression of those four man was hard and cold, they were doing their job, so they didn’t need to be polite.

When she looked up to see their faces, she asked with a sweet smile: “Why those long faces? What happened to you?”

I was holding my breath expecting them to yell at her or do something violent as it is their usual behaviour, but this time something strange happened.  They just looked at each other confused without knowing what to do or say.

One of them apparently the boss, immediately change his tone of voice and with a soft and polite voice told the lady something I couldn’t hear.  She smiled and answered with her sweet voice things I couldn’t overhear clearly since I was not close enough.  I was nervously observing the scene, and waiting to see if I had to intercede in anyway.  Due to my training I was ready to respond in a fast way if needed, so I was just waiting for any sign of violence, since that was their typical Modus Operandi.

But this time, some kind of magic was taking place there, for I could see her chatting vividly and happily with them. She looked at each man directly in the eyes and softly talked probably nice things to them because to my surprise they all began to change their attitude.

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6 thoughts on “Treat them well

  1. And so do I – I love to hear examples of humanity shining through and this is a lovely one. Sometimes we hear so much ‘bad news’ that it feels that we are losing our ‘humanity’ but really I don’t think we are – clearly it’s still there and we need to follow the ‘old’ ladies philosophy! xx


  2. I believe we are so inundated in the media nowadays, that we are too busy processing and digesting the information we receive all the time. We do not focus on the good things happening around us, we read, listen and talk only about what the news agencies are giving to us, instead of searching for the good around us. There are more good than bad in this world, we just have to retrain our mind to see it once more.
    Probably talking more with the “old people” would give us a better insight?
    Thanks for reading!

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  3. That’s so so true and you are right – I’ve worked with elderly people (hey not far off myself now..) and they can teach us so much if we really ‘listen’ to them. It’s surprising how I appreciate myself now some of the things my mum and grandparents said when at the time I disregarded their views when indeed they were often very right in what they said! Thanks for this thought provoking post and discussion.. Much appreciated! x

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