To attract or not to attract?

 Taken from my book: “Dialogs with my inner self Vol III”

I have been struggling lately with my inner self.  I have been trying to attract many things in my life with no results whatsoever.

After some inner dialogues I had to go to my inner archives section to review some old and forgotten memories about some experiences in the past.

Many times we try to get a particular result.  We want things to go a certain way, but as I commented in a former chapter, we cannot see the whole picture and therefore we don’t really know what would be the best course of actions most of the time. We just don’t want to release the control of the situation. And we are too afraid to let things go off our hands.

We lack faith, we lack trust in the Universe and that is the real problem.

If you look into your memories files, you will notice that many times in your life you have wanted to achieve certain things in certain ways. And at the end, things end up really good but in a much unexpected way. But the result was the same of something even better than what we wanted.

A really big lesson we need to learn is that we attract into our lives what we NEED to attract, circumstances, people, resources, experiences and so on and so forth.

We attract to our life even the things we see as big problems or obstacles, the difficult people, the lack of money or health, the terrible circumstance, the rough experience.  We have attracted them because we need them to grow, learn and evolve.

The same thing with the good things in life, we attract them because we need them to grow and learn, to balance and enjoy our lives and to have a parameter or reference to measure our achievements.

Every day we forget that everything we are experiencing right now is our own creation, and we have attracted every aspect of it.  But do not fret about it.  It is not that you are the only “culprit” of everything.  There are hidden old beliefs that shape the events and sometimes blur our vision of what is happening right now.

We tend to judge our circumstances and then we just lament our bad luck or lack of movement.  We cannot just start taking action as many of the people around us tell us to do.  Action without a plan lead to a wast of time.

We cannot just make a wonderful plan, because without the action is just day dreaming. We need to combine both but add FAITH to it.

If we don’t have faith and we don’t believe we are going the right way, then things will be fruitless and we will be condemned to repeat our mistakes and start all over again.

Remember you are attracting right now into your life those things, people and experiences  you need to learn and grow.

Trust yourself, trust the Universe and dare to try something new today, try to change an old belief, try to find the good side of everything.

Chances are, you will change your life when you change that unnoticeable idea that kept you all this time going back to the same point.

Let’s change something today and see the results, we might find a new life behind that small detail and start a new and exciting cycle in our life.

 Taken from my book: “Dialogs with my inner self Vol III”


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