You define yourself

I remember one day when my daughter told me she was stupid.

I was very impressed by the way she said that. She was around 5 years old and after school she told me she was stupid in a very confident and serene voice. She was totally convinced that was a fact.

I asked her why she said that and, in the same tone, she answered: “My teacher told me I am stupid, my friends told me I am stupid, my cousins told me I am stupid therefore, I must be stupid”

“Did they tell you that today?” I asked.

“Yes, but they have told me that before, so I think they must be right” She answered with sadness.

I looked at her straight in her eyes and told her in a slow but firm voice: “People have the awful habit of using bad words to tag others, they sometimes do not mean it, sometimes they do that in a playful way, but they have no idea that subconscious mind cannot tell true from false.”

“Nobody has the power to define you. You define yourself.  Nobody knows you as you do, nobody can understand what is going on in your mind, in your life and in your heart.  Nobody has got the power to tell you what you are or are not. You are the only one who decide who you really are.”

I continued: “Dr. Wayne Dyer once said that “if it sounds natural to you, then it is your truth. Does it feel natural to you being intelligent? Beautiful? Healthy?”

She looked at me with her beautiful big eyes and nodded her head.

“Answer me please in a loud voice” I said.

“Yes!” She told me with a smile.

“Please, remember that nobody can define you, you define yourself. Period.”I said that to both of my daughters that day.

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11 thoughts on “You define yourself

  1. Thanks for taking the time to share what feels to me like rare perspective in these modern times. Don’t stop sharing the truths you perceive, they have an inate power for both you and the people who find and take the time to absorb them.

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  2. The secret is to keep providing the messages as although they may seem to be not paying attention, it’s surprising how many do sink in deep down and are reflected back as they grow older.. x

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  3. Thank you Wendy! Yes sometimes I feel I am talking in the desert. And sometimes I tell them a thousand times something and they hear it somewhere else and they believe that is the first time they hear that. lol

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  4. Oh – I recognise that feeling! haha – they never believe what ‘mum and dad’ tell them! – even when they are 31 and 27!!


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