“My life is a chaos!” said that lady with a frustrated expression in her face.

“I cannot stand it anymore, either this situation changes or I will not make it till next month”, she added with a tortured tone of voice.

I was not being nosey on purpose. I happened to be standing behind two middle aged ladies while we all waited for the traffic lights to change colour so we could cross to the other side of a big avenue.

The lady who was standing beside the first one just looked at her companion, probably as overwhelmed as her and limited her answers to nodding her head from time to time.

“Why is God so mean to me?” The first lady asked in a very loud voice. Some people around her stared at her at that moment, and in some way I felt that was her intention in the first place. But well, that is what I thought, so do not take my word for it.

Finally, the other lady told her that she should hang on and pray a lot so her situation could change soon.

The traffic light showed the “walk” sign. We all crossed the street.

I remember when I was afraid of darkness, afraid of moving on, afraid of beginning a new day, a new job, the first day of school and so on and so forth.

All those events meant just one thing: Change was about to happen.

The more chaotic my life looked, the bigger the change. And most times that change was the beginning of a wonderful new life.

My life really changed when I began to see the aftermath of an event tagged as “bad” as a “detour” sign.

Now when things are not going the way I wish. I make a halt and take it as a sign that I should change the path.

If things are a big pandemonium, then I try to quiet my mind and accept the idea that a great change is on its way.

I have learnt that when things are going in a disordered way, it is time to change attitude and instead of getting upset about it, I must expect good things to come.  A positive thought can change your whole life. So I do not take any chances and I prefer to receive events with a positive expectation and attitude.

After all, just before dawn the sky is darker, just before an earthquake ceases it gets harder, just before a whole galaxy is born, dark matter stir in gas, then the mixture sits for a while and then a galaxy rises up.

And if we learn from observing Mother Nature, all great things are created from an apparent chaos. But as we have learnt chaos does not exist as such in nature. It is just a concept for describing change.

Even my desk might look as a mess to you. But I can assure you that it is an ordered chaos. I know where every object is and despite its looks there is an order present. (yes, maybe a little hidden but there is order here).

So your life could look like a big chaos right now to you, but trust in the laws of Nature and remember that it is only a sign to let you know a great change is coming. And it will be good for you. You need to know that, expect that and prepare yourself to receive your good. It is coming.

Nature is an ongoing process devoid of initial conditions.

You are creating your life. Remember who you are. You deserve to create the best experience for you and the rest of this universe.

Receive your “chaos” and prepare for the best ride of your life now.



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