Reference points

It is very difficult to understand many concepts or even know where you are located right now without a reference point, which is a mark that allows you to compare or locate your position relative to external elements.

Our brain is a super computer that keeps comparing and evaluating everything around us all the time. Besides all the other things the brain has to do to keep us alive. So we actually are not aware of all the impressive processes our brain has to perform 24/7.

But as ironic as it sounds, Life gives us strange ways sometimes for us to compare and set new reference points in and learn our lessons, many times the hard way.

Sometimes you get tired of your own town, city, country, etc. So you decide to travel. Then you see new things, you meet new people with new customs, you try new food and so on. After a while, you begin to compare those new experiences with your home and then you begin to feel nostalgic and begin feeling the wish to go back.

And when you go back home, you feel happy, safe and with a renewed appreciation for those things you were tired of before your trip.

You had to get out of your daily routine in order to see the good in your regular environment.

The absence of routine was that reference point that allowed you to understand and appreciate what you no longer noticed, due to everyday monotony.

That reference point shed new light upon a common thing or activity.

The saddest moments in my life, have taught me to understand and appreciate my happy times. That lack of happiness had been my reference point where I give “sadness” a new value. I do not hate it or search for it, I just have learnt its importance in my growth.

Probably you know someone, relative or friend you spend a lot of time with, and suddenly, after a while, you begin to have differences with that person for really silly and unimportant reasons. So you get away from them for some time.

But once you see that person after a long separation. You feel you miss and love that person more than ever before.  That absence was the point of reference that helped you understand and re-appreciate their presence.

I hope you have never know what it feels to be hungry and not having resources to buy food. What it feels to pass by a restaurant and see people happily eating their food while you do not have anything in your fridge to calm your stomach down.  I have and I can tell you it was not pretty.  But once you are able to taste food once more, you really appreciate it, enjoy it and are grateful for the opportunity and blessing of having something to eat and share with others. That was a reference point in my life that had taught me to be grateful for food and to share the things I have got with others who might need it.

That happens to when you travel far away from home and you miss something you really like, food, places, people, etc.   Once you have the opportunity to have them in your life once more, you enjoy them even more.

Have you ever suffered a construction team, a loud party in your heavy metal lover neighbour´s house that seems to never end or the crying of a baby (not your own of course) who wakes up in the middle of the night crying so loud you wonder if he/she will be an opera singer when he/she grows up?

Well, that noise will be the reference point that will help you cherish silence once more, when the noise is gone.

As I said before, Life offer us many opportunities to get to know and appreciate those reference points that will make us love the good things we already have, but forget to enjoy and being grateful for.

If you “look at them” this way, you will suffer less and feel happier with your present life.  And once you learn to cherish those things, people, places and situation that are no longer with you, do not forget to see what you now have got so “secured” under a different light.  Do not wait until they are no longer with you.

Enjoy your now, right now.









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