Taken from my book: Answers II

 Yesterday a friend was asking me about the best way to react to a bad event and we both agreed on the importance to react to every event in a balanced way.

I am sure you remember when we talked about the way we react to a particular event being more important that the event itself, since everything depends on the perspective used to label it.

Well it would be impossible to keep putting labels on every event that happens in our life. We don’t keep “tagging” everything all the time, we just let life happen to us and we keep steering from one side to the other to avoid crashing against any obstacle (real or imaginary, although most of them are imaginary).

But when the unavoidable comes and a bad event arrives, the best way to go is just to say: “I don’t want this to happen again in my life, I would rather this to happen next time” and then take the decision to change our intention so next time everything aligns itself to manifest the result we wish.

I know this is not easy and sounds a little extreme for some people, but all I can say now is: “just try it”.  You will be surprised.

Putting tags on everything (judging) is what makes us get in trouble all the time, it breaks our inner peace and keeps us from advancing, for a judging mind loses its power.

When we get worried is when we should make an inner cleaning and clearing, that’s the opportunity to analyse what belief or set of beliefs were activated.

If we analyse what triggered those beliefs, we will find out what destroys our peace of mind and therefore, what area we should work on. Once we see within us and discover the belief or set of beliefs we need to release, we can begin our clearing job so we can regain our peace of mind.

Cleaning our inner energy is an everyday exercise and we should acquire that habit, the same way we have the habit to brush our teeth or wash our hands before every meal.

Once we acquire this habit and make it a part of ourselves, we will enter a new level of manifestation.  This level will allow us to bring into our life better situations and enhance ourselves, since we will make our petitions, visualisations, affirmations, etc., from a state of peace and calmness.

That will set the difference between “before” and “after”.

All these are the small steps we are taking to a better version of ourselves and to the better life we are all trying to experience.

Taken from my book: Answers II




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