Watch your language

I just received a copy of a very interesting study made by three Universities in the United Kingdom on colour perception.

They found a tribe in Africa with a language limited to three words to describe colours.  One word for the dark colours, one for middle range colours and one for very light colours.

To make a long a story short, in one of these studies, they showed different illustrations with different shades of the same colour to members of that tribe and they immediately identified the two shades that had a slight difference. But, when they showed the same illustration to westerners, who did not have different words to define those shades of green, they could not find the difference or took a long time to notice it. They haven´t got different words to describe those colours, therefore those westerners couldn’t find the difference so easily.

But when the scientist showed an illustration with six green squares and one blue square, westerners immediately pointed at the blue square, but people from that tribe couldn’t find it. They have the same word to describe both colours. For them the concept was the same and as colours are concepts we create in our minds, they could not find the difference.

As you know colours do not exist as a material thing, (although with our modern knowledge of physics, can we say that anything exists as we formerly thought?). But modern studies are showing us that our mind “registers” the things we have a previous concept of and leaves unnoticed those things we cannot “identify or classify”.

Same happens with many other concepts in our mind. The older we get, the less things we “classify” in our mind, then the less things we “see”.

That is why the older we get, the bitter and short minded we become as well. We stay “parked” in our old ideas and beliefs and we tend to deny or ignore whatever contradicts our “safe zone” of knowledge.

So one of the lessons we can learn from this study could be: the bigger your vocabulary, the strongest your insight. The more you learn, the longest your mind will reach forward. So learn to be open minded and leave for a while your old concepts and beliefs. The only way for you to really advance and understand this Universe is by leaving your old baggage behind and allowing yourself to climb higher.

Maybe you are very comfortable with what you call reality, but modern science is showing us now, that things might be very different from what we believed for centuries. So learn to be humble and try, at least for little while, to allow your mind to discover new paths, to make new neuronal connections and create new realities.

After all that is one of the reasons you are here. To make this Life the best experience for you and the rest of the Universe.

So, just in case, before beginning to criticise, gossip or trying to offend others with your words. You better watch your language.  It all comes back to you.

And you know what? Your reality is not “The” reality and your truth is not “The only” Truth.



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