Starting once more

I have heard often that deciding to begin something is a very difficult part of life. And yes, many times we waste a lot of time trying to determine what is the best course of action for our next step.

Deciding how to begin, could be very stressful but, what about starting all over again?

When you face something new you could be driven by enthusiasm, excitement, expectations and sometimes just plain ignorance of what is ahead of you.

But when you are facing something you have tried before and failed, your decisions could be loaded with anxiety to fail once more. Your past mistakes are huge ghosts difficult to overcome most times.  They are there to remind you that you were there before and you did something wrong and therefore you could repeat that error once again.

If you allow that inner fear to control you, then it is almost guaranteed that you will fail again and if you do not take that “failure” as a lesson you need to take heed of, then you will be repeating that pattern of “catastrophes” many times.

If you burn your hand while cooking something in the stove, you will not repeat the same “procedures” until your hand looks like a roasted chicken, will you?

Then, allow yourself to start again every morning.

A new day will bring new opportunities, new miracles and new elements that will lead you to succeed, if you take the time to make some inner changes first, that is.

You cannot approach anything you have “failed” before with the same pattern of thoughts.  Your old thoughts will lead you to duplicate the same results you have got in the past. So modify those patterns in order to open yourself to new opportunities you could not see before.

Besides your thoughts, there are some emotions linked to “bad experiences” that influence our results and those emotions must be replaced as well.  So take heed of your emotions before beginning again. Do not let fear, insecurity, doubt, etc., to affect your outcomes.

We all have ideas about how the world works that goes far beyond our own personal experiences. We learn about things through television, movies, magazines, newspapers, internet, etc. Do not allow external factors and opinions influence your outcomes in a negative way.  Your connection to the world will determine your end results.

And last but definitely not least, believe you can do it this time.  You have learnt the lesson, you have seen what went “wrong” last time, so now you have new elements that will help you succeed this occasion.

Starting over is difficult, I know. But actually, life begins anew with every new day, with any new chance and, every time you decide it.

Your past “mistakes” will not condition your present results. Do not see them as “errors” but as indications of how not to do those things again.  The more you try it, the closest you are to your desired result.

See each new day as an extra opportunity to live a fresh adventure. That way starting something once more, will be a pleasure to discover and not a pain to re-experience.








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