It is not you…

You have done your best to be kind, generous, friendly and understanding towards others.  You consider yourself a peaceful, relaxed and easy to talk to kind of person. You work on your inner self constantly and take care of your own body as well as you can.

Nevertheless, the people you care the most, keep misunderstanding your words, intentions and actions.

What then, are you doing wrong?

Probably nothing.  You are not doing things wrong in purpose.  Maybe the only problem you are causing yourself, is worrying too much for what others think about you.

You have no need to care too much for the opinion of others about yourself. As long as you are happy with what you are doing, with the way you are living your life, by reaching your goals and if you are not hurting anyone in the process, it is almost certain that you are not doing anything wrong to them.

We usually judge others with the same lens we look at ourselves.  We expect them to know what we know, to understand things the way we understand them and to live their lives the same way we live our own.

There is when we realise that we are doing the same thing to them.  We cannot understand why they are misinterpreting our words, intentions and actions, while to us, everything we do or say is “crystal clear”.

All you have to do is: be true to yourself, follow your passions and dreams and do not hurt anyone on your way. Be empathic with others, remember you have been there as well or you could be in their shoes one day too. So help them and treat them the same way you would like others to treat you in their situation.

Do not take things too personal, remember that people will understand you and meet you as deep and as clear as they understand and met themselves.

You cannot understand or even see clearly something you do not fully comprehend. Same with their judgements of your persona.

If they are kind people, they will understand your kindness and see it in you as a reflex of their own.  If they are mean people, they will expect you to be mean to them and react to you accordingly. They will classify you as they categorise themselves.

So do not feel bad about other people´s verdict about your words and/or deeds. They are actually judging themselves through you.

Be true to yourself. Do your best, be the best version of yourself you can. And let others be, think and say whatever they want. They do not know your story, your motives, your dreams and needs. They can only interpret their vision of your life with what they have got. But you do not need that to live, to grow and to become the best you.

But keep in mind that this happens on your side as well. Do not judge, try to understand or interpret other people’s lives, words and deeds, lest you fall in the same mistake. You do not need to judge others, you do not need to take heed of their judgement. Just let them be and be yourself please.

After all, the only person who really knows your needs and motives is you. Be true to yourself. Always.






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