Your trophy room

I used to enjoy observing in silence all the treasures a friend had in his studio.  The walls were covered by photos, trophies, awards and things of that kind.

Throughout his life he had met and befriended many celebrities from different parts of the world and some of them had been key elements in human history.

One day, as I discovered more hidden “treasures” as autographed books, honours and acknowledgements. My friend arrived and sat at his desk.  He amusingly observed as I enjoyed myself watching his amazing collection of memories.

To him these were witnesses of his own story. His achievements, failures, good and bad times, but always a memory of the lesson learnt was present in each object therein.

Every time he showed his “trophy room” to other people, he talked about the lesson learned, the experienced lived and the changes that event brought to his life.  Never showed off his “trophies” to boast or to humiliate others. On the contrary, he had always tried to motivate them to achieve wonderful things so they could too have a room full of memories and experiences to share with the world.

He had learnt to live and be happy and help others to find their happiness as well, never to try to impress anyone else.

Visiting his Trophy room was such a wonderful experience. It was like taking a time machine and being able to see the past with your own eyes. You could see original photographs of crucial events in human history and wonderful occasions as well. His whole life was there for others to discover.

He even kept in that room, things of sad moments in his life and he was able to find the bright side in those memories too. He said that you had to keep your attention on those things that kept you together and not on those things that rip you apart. That is the only way to live your life as a constant lesson and not as a punishment for your mistakes.

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4 thoughts on “Your trophy room

  1. A lovely post, Hector, and I can tell from your words how your friend’s approach to life affected you. I don’t have a trophy room either, but do recognize that every experience, good and bad, brought me to this place and I’m thankful for all of them. 🙂

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