“I never thought this could happen to me”

For some reason, I always had a negative neuronal connection linked to that expression. And when I heard a person saying it, but referring to a positive event, my mind entered in shock.

My inner logic could not understand that it could be used to describe a positive situation.

I have a dim child memory of people using it constantly to describe tragic events in their life. I cannot remember someone in particular or the situations, but I believe it was then, when I made that neuronal link with a negative connotation.

When I heard those words used in an opposite context, my mind had to rethink the meaning of the phrase and then made an adjustment in my brain to place it in a new “storage position” so I could accept the real meaning.

Then I suspected: probably that sentence was an example of different ideas, concepts, things and situations I had wrongfully classified from my childhood and, probably, that was the cause of many of my misinterpretations and present mistakes.

Please do not ask me why, but when the first diskettes appeared in the 80’s I heard they were very expensive, so my young mind classified them as expensive objects. So for a while I refused to use them to save my programs and when I had no other choice, I crammed all the data in a single diskette so I did not have to use too many of them. Even if I had not to pay for them myself. Talk about a heavy mentally embedded “lack concept.”

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2 thoughts on ““I never thought this could happen to me”

  1. I’m so pleased you’ve found the positive and are now able to say this with a ‘spring in your step’! x


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