Stop it! You don’t have to be strong all the time

Taken from my book: Answers

 “Just keep going”, “You have to be strong”, “Keep your head up”, “Don’t be afraid”, “Don’t worry, be happy” and many other expressions are said very lightly by everyone when the problem is on someone else’s shoulders.

But when they have to deal with difficult times the same people who told you that in the past, get mad at you when you use the same cliches on them.

Just remember we are all humans and it is unnatural not to get worried, angry, sad, and anxious, etc. The real master is not the one who is all the time in control of his/her emotions and feelings, but the one who allows them to flow through his/her system and returns to his/her ideal frequency at a natural pace.

Stop blaming yourself for everything, stop finding excuses inside and outside of yourself and just for once, release it and breathe for a while.

If you have done everything you can, if you just don’t know what to do next, if you don’t see the Light yet.  Then admit it and let go of the pressure.

Congratulations! You are human and now you have been reminded of it.

So take a break, drop the stress for a while and remain silent. So there is nothing else you can do now, or at least you cannot see it, so stop!

Give yourself a break and let a Higher Power do the job. After all you have reached a point where you apparently ran out of options and you need to clear out the way to allow new energies to fill in the void.

Don’t take this as being irresponsible or useless or any other negative connotation, just remember you are a human being and there are some limits we need to reach in order to follow the Laws of the Universe and allow them to do their job. You are not going to waste your time or misuse it. You are going to do what people used to call: “Go with the flow”.

Maybe your insistence of making everything yourself has been the thing holding you back all this time. So give yourself the chance to see the Universe at work. Don’t fret, don’t push, focus your mind on being relaxed, observe carefully, open your eyes and ears and observe in awe how things will fall into place, once you remind yourself that you are not alone and everything is and will be alright for you.


Taken from my book: Answers


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