I was standing in the middle of the gym with all my classmates staring at me amusingly watching my intents to defend myself against my opponent.

I was the smallest bloke in the class, in age and size, but at that time I was not very interested in their opinion about me.

I loved martial arts and despite of my efforts, the combat ended up really bad for me.

But in that particular moment, for some reason that was irrelevant to me and after that humiliating exercise, my teacher made a long list of all the appalling mistakes I made that time.  Actually I made all the known and unknown faults listed in the manual. But I was so focused on my passion for training that it didn’t sound intimidating or discouraging to me.

I really loved that discipline and, that love helped me to overlook my “errors” and to keep returning every week to the gym to learn and practice even more.  To me, those failed combats were not “mistakes” they were just a part of my training, my learning process and they were natural.  My mentality was not contaminated by what others thought of me, I was focused on my own goals and pleasure so, the external world had no dominion on how I felt and what I believed.

Years later I finally realised that thanks to my daring to make “mistakes” I had been able to learn to walk, ride a bicycle, talk, write, drive a car, getting my black belt, win tournaments and practically to learn and do everything in my life.

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