“I must be getting old”, I thought.

When I was younger I remember to feel bad about those grumpy old men who spend their whole time complaining about everything and everyone.

My grandmother used to say: “When I was your age, people were polite, we never disrespect others”. “Your generation knows not what manners are” and so on and so forth.

And now, I have become that old grumpy man who cannot believe his eyes and ears anymore. 

I probably sound like old fashion but I remember that men never swore in front of women. If a woman overheard a man swearing and he was aware of it, he apologised to her. Nowadays, I have heard to worst words coming from the mouths of women. They actually overuse them, probably to try and demonstrate they are not weak or something like that.

I do not use rude words, first of all, because my vocabulary is not so limited, so I have no need to use them, and then there are several neurological problems caused by the overusing of a few words to communicate yourself.

I believe that, when someone says: “I can´t help it, that is the way I am and speak” is a lack of respect to their own intelligence and their true selves. Why admitting: “Yes, I am so stupid that I can only use a few words to describe and name everything around me and I cannot try to learn more and be a better person for me and the people around me.” Is considered today as a legitimate “reason” to fall into mediocrity?

Yes, ladies, I still believe that if a man cannot show you some respect when addressing to you, he will not really love you in anyway, but do not pay attention to my words, it is just me. Just observe your past experiences and decide for yourselves.

I just would like to know why so many people these days are so bitter that they try to hurt and humiliate with their words, comments and actions to as many people as they possibly can, actually that is so easy to do, the real challenge is being different, give encouraging words to others, show respect to every living being that crosses your path and be brave enough as to follow your heart and be as real as you can, instead of limiting yourself to end up being an imitating monkey. Being yourself without worrying about what others will think, will bring you the freedom you have always dreamt of.

There are already too many people complaining, hating, criticising and throwing their rubbish can upon the world. Dare to be different and respect yourself enough as to be the Light they are searching for. Share your positivism, share solutions, do not just recite the problems we all already know are there. Any buffoon can ridicule others for their mistakes, but when they are the ones who fall, they cannot stand when others laugh at them.

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2 thoughts on “Consideration

  1. I’m a bit of a grumpy old lady too, Hector, but I have to admit that people rarely swear around me, or I around them. You are so right that our language tells a lot about us and we might think about what kind of impression we want to leave in our wakes 🙂

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  2. Yes, we are just discovering (in the lab) how important our vocabulary and expressions are. Let´s keep them positive D! Thanks for stepping by!

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