What should I change?

Taken from my book: Dialogues with my inner self. Vol. III

A recurrent question I receive from my students and people in general is: what should change in me to start receiving what I need in my life?

That is a very difficult and simple question at the same time.

We are all at different levels of self-evolution, so our needs are very different; therefore there is not a single formula to follow.  This is part of our own journey and something we have to discover by ourselves.

Nevertheless we can consider following our inner voice and our common sense during this journey and a way to get to be the person we really are but we have been hiding due to all the external influences:

What do you like in other people?

We have met too many people in our lives, most of them we probably don’t remember well, but there are things we don’t forget about them, things, attitudes, actions, words and so forth, events we cannot forget and those things keep them present in our minds for ever.

We all know someone who is always happy and his or her happiness is contagious.

Probably you know someone who is very generous and you still remember that day when that person helped you and made you feel someone cared; he or she took the burden out of your shoulders.  Or maybe you know someone who always listened to you without interrupting you and that helped you to vent out everything you needed to take out of your system at that moment.

There are people we admire in person or indirectly (books, films, anecdotes, etc.) So there is your answer!

Try to emulate those characteristics you like about that person.  I am not saying you must try to copy everything that person does, because you will never be identical to that person, but that is the real advantage!

You can follow their example but adding your personal touch, your flair, your experience, your personality and so on.

That way you will be able to enrich your life and the life of the others who will feel privileged to be in your company, read about you and get to know you better.

Once you start adding those features to your personality and discovering new treasures that were hidden inside you.  Things will be flowing in a different direction and your frequency will rise to different levels unknown to you before.

That will cause a radical change in your mind-set and will open new paths right in front of you.

Remember, I am not saying you need  to change yourself and be other person, just add your style, personality, experience and flair to those features you like in others.  That will let you attract new things into your life and help you discover a new YOU, that you might like and the others too.

Taken from my book: Dialogues with my inner self. Vol. III


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