From my book: Dialogues with my inner self. Vol III

I have heard many times that what we criticise in others is what we don’t like on ourselves.

But on the other side, what we criticise in ourselves might be misunderstood blessings trying to get our attention to come out and shine.

For instance, I use to criticise the way I had a tendency to think negatively about everything.  They say: “Think badly and you’ll be right” so I used to apply that thought a lot and then the consequence were awful.

When I realised that this self-criticism was just my mind telling me I should be more attentive to my thoughts, then I started to correct my bad thinking and then I saw many things changing around me.

That bad feeling about my own attitude was a message from my subconscious mind telling me I had to do something about it, since what I was getting was something really bad for myself.

Another thing that I used to criticise a lot in myself was the time I spent seating in front of the computer. I wasn’t feeling good about being seating all the time, I felt I was harming my body and my mind at the same time.

So I started to walk every day.  Walking is something I have enjoyed very much all my life and actually now I walk every day at least 10 kilometres and not only my health is doing better, I have more ideas to write and I have been able to meet new people and places that are enriching my experiences and life.

So next time do not feel bad about self-criticism, pay close attention to what is your inner self trying to ask you to correct and do something about it, you will always feel surprised all you can gain when you listen to that little voice we take for granted most of the time.

So what are you criticising about yourself right now?

That might be the thing you need to work on so you change your life for ever.

Taken from my book: Dialogues with my inner self. Vol III



3 thoughts on “Self-criticism

  1. You sound a lot like me, even though we may have done some things differently. I also was prone to much negative thinking until I started seeking God. His word in the scriptures told me that I should fill my mind with beautiful things and what I found was beautiful things and positive thinking were closely aligned. Being now close to God, I felt his Holy Spirit urging me to exercise , to get some fresh air, this cleared my mind to hear the whispers of the Holy Spirit, as He gave inspirations for my poetry or for my photography.


  2. Thank you for reading my article!
    Yes we receive “inspiration” from a Source, whatever the name we use to identify it. The main thing is keeping our mind and faith in a positive frequency.

    Thank you for your comment!

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  3. Oh no! I’m criticizing myself for sitting in front of the computer and not getting any exercise. You went straight for the jugular, Hector. 🙂 Yeesh. Now I need to go out and walk…tomorrow! Thanks for the push. 🙂


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