Thanks for adversity


We take so many things for granted.

Usually we live our lives thinking we are doing things right or just not noticing the things that are affecting the people around us.

Maybe we are so involved in our own affairs that we do not know we are doing something that is hurting or bothering those around us. And if no one dares to let us know about our mistakes, even if it is not our intention to affect others, we will continue to act the same way and we might end up hurting someone really bad and ourselves as well in the process.

So the Universe has its own methods to let us know we are doing things the wrong way.  Sometimes is someone telling us directly about it, and of course we will be very defensive about it, especially if it’s someone close to us, and it will takes us a lot of energy and inner strength to accept the other person is right.

Some other times it will be through some kind of radical change or event that will shake our world for a while and that is, sometimes, the only way we would react and make a stop to analyse our life and attitudes.

In any case it is very important to make the analysis on our own, so we won’t let our ego interfere and convince us once more that we are right and the others are wrong.

If we understand that possibility right now, it will be a little easier for us to change our attitude towards the apparent adversity that suddenly appears in our lives.

When it comes, if we take a deep breath and make our best effort to try to find the “hidden message or lesson”, things will be much easier for us to understand and to get over it so we can advance to the next step.

If the next time someone criticise us or correct us, instead of being so defensive and attack that person, we make a stop and really listen to all the comments and ask ourselves if there is a possibility that person is looking at something we don’t,  and ask ourselves what can we do to change that.  Then the probability to evolve is nearer.

Our ego gets so many times in front of us, keeping us from realising too many things.

Arrogance will get us nowhere really.  Listen to the people and events from a neutral state of mind, as if they were talking about someone else, and at the end learn to say: Thank you for that apparent adversity.

Taken from my book:“And the dialogs continue…”

And the dialogs


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