Do you really have the real Information?


Yes, we are submerged in information. We are surrounded by it. These are times when all we have to do is to turn on a device to access enormous data bases of endless information and most of our doubts will be clarified.

The real issue here is the source, where people are getting this information from.

Nowadays, when we need to answer some doubt, we enter some keywords into a search engine’s search box.

We receive sometimes thousands or even millions of links to different sites where we can find the keywords we have typed in.  And we usually go to the first page the search engine suggested without verifying anything else.

We live in a hurry, we have no time to verify anything whatsoever.

So we usually remain with the first information we receive, and that is the end of the story.

The same happens with the news we listen from the media.

It is so common to watch a group of people gathered in a coffee shop, a pub or a restaurant to comment in loud voice and with an authority tone the last events of the world’s news.

They usually just repeat what they have listened to in the radio, television or newspapers. They rarely aport something new to the subject. They rarely try to analyse what is behind the news. They only repeat what they have been told.

After more than twenty years working on the media, I can say I have seen a lot of crazy things.

I have seen news completely changed and distorted to reflect someone else’s interests, few minutes before being aired. I have seen news completely vanished and never been presented and replaced with uninteresting notes to fill the time of the program.

I have seen real experts in their fields and some of them even considered leaders of opinion for the masses, emit opinions based on their expertise and years of studies on politics, economics and even health issues, among other subjects, only to be proven wrong some time later and thereafter they just change their speech denying they had said the contrary in the past.

But the public forget very soon, they still believe what the experts say and take their opinions as their own defending them and even have a fight or two with friends and family if they are told those ideas are wrong.

We tend to accept what certain sources present us as real.

We are losing our common sense and we are guilty to give the media the power to change ours points of view, ideas and even our behaviour.

We are lowering our guard and accepting the information as they give it to us.

We are happy to read every morning how bad the world is now, how many people were killed in wars, assaults, earthquakes, accidents and all sorts of terrible events all round our planet.

How bad the stock exchange closed yesterday and how many people lost their homes and savings for the decisions took by people we don’t even know and besides, we will never understand why they are never affected by the economic fluctuations as the rest of us mortals.

I know it is important for many people to be “informed” of the events that happen in today’s world, but the problem is that we just are submerged in a swamp of unclear information manipulated and shaped to benefit other people’s interests.

But what happens when we in that same table in the coffee shop, pub, restaurant or even our own home, try to change the stream of the convention and ask for a good news? What if we even dare to change the subject of their discussion and try to contribute a good news or give a positive angle of the same subject they are discussing?

Well, we all know the answer.

As I said before, we have been programmed to focus on the bad news, since these are the  ones that sell.  We are programmed to imitate what the media present us.

Now the media says their job is not educate but just entertain us. And what about ethics?

At least most of the founders of media were people more conscious of their role and responsibility towards society and not only of their role as a lucrative business. They knew both aspects can be combined with no problem whatsoever.  Today’s entrepreneurs have forgotten the bases where the media was once built and we blindly accept what they give us.

Now if we know our thoughts create our reality, shape our lives and manifest in our reality what we keep in our minds most of the time and give power with our feelings and emotions.

Whose responsibility is to filter what we allow into our brains?

Most people believe they are in control of their lives, their thoughts and behaviour but, tell me, do you really think so?

Decide how do you want to start your day, what will be the first words you utter in the morning and how are you going to contribute to the beginning of the day of the people you have contact with.

After all, we are all connected. After all we all live in the same time-space. After all we are all ONE.

What is the next great thing you will say to the first person you find to make his or her day a brilliant one?

Taken from my book: “Dialogs with my inner self Vol I”

Dialogs with my inner self by [Sampson, Hector]


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