The answer is not there


I was observing two ladies talking in a restaurant.  I am not really sure if they were really communicating or just killing time. Both were trying to say too many things but never finished really an idea since they kept always interrupting each other.

I could see how one of them kept trying to expose an idea while the other was anxiously waiting for a little pause to interrupt and start talking without even let her interlocutor to finish her sentence.

They kept doing that all the time, and I could notice none of them was very satisfied with the chat. As the time passed by, they were interrupting each other more often and at the end they were both slightly annoyed with each other, so they just exchange a brief good bye and left.

I stayed there watching other people doing more or less the same in other tables. That was when they were not interrupting to start texting in their mobile phones.

So if you have ever been in a situation when you need or want to share something important with someone else, then try to resist your urge to interrupt the other person, wait and listen. You’ll have your time too.

Even if you do not agree with their arguments, always try to find a little bit of truth in what they are saying and let them finish their exposition, that way you will learn more about the other people’s opinion and you will allow them to take out of their system everything they need to get rid of.

Learn to listen to the others and do not criticise their ideas or opinions, most opinions have something good or interesting in it. So instead of judging or criticising, try to find the amount of truth in their arguments and you´ll realise that if you stop trying to find the errors in their opinions you will discover, learn and broaden your vision about many subjects.

If you want to find the answer, do not enter a discussion with an attitude of “I am the bearer of the Truth”. The answer is not there.  We are all co-creators of this reality and we are here to complement and learn from each other.

Taken from my book: “And the dialogs continue…”

And the dialogs


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