The dark night


When people want to refer to an ugly period of their lives or a negative aspect of their personality, they usually call it “the dark night of my heart or of my soul”.

We tend to use dark and night together as negative words to define a horrible period or event, contrary to the words “brilliant” and “Light”. But after all, the night is not that bad.

The night is the period of time when we usually rest and heal our body. Recent studies show that while we sleep, our brain cleans and heals itself and despite of that, it keeps making decisions and is as active as in our awake hours.

If we don’t sleep enough, our body won’t be able to heal and finish the necessary process to keep our health and mental agility. 

How many times have you been longing for the night to arrive so you can go to bed and have a good sleep? Don’t you just love the feeling of clean sheets snuggling you and the soothing effect of a good night sleep?

During the night our brain keeps an impressive level of activity and our soul goes to dimensions beyond our comprehension.  Our body recreates itself anew, every cell is working and every organ does its job in a better way.

Our dreams are a dialog with our inner self and reviewing those dreams let us know many times important aspects of our subconscious that remain hidden to our conscious mind.

So the night is something necessary and very important, it has its reason to exist and we can enjoy it as much as the day.

Same goes for the “dark night of your spirit”. We all have to go through difficult periods of loss and defeat, most times those events are necessary for our growth and sometimes the only way out of our routine.

So don’t feel ashamed of admitting that you are going through a dark night period right now, actually, congratulations! You are renovating and healing your inner and outer self.

It is just a period of time and should be cherished and enjoyed as much as possible.

Are you having your dark night right now? Then rest, observe, learn and let the Universe heal you, renew your whole being and prepare yourself for the dawn.

This period will pass too, so use it wisely. A dark night is not eternal and it is part of the road to success. Accept it, let it be and grow with it.

Remember that the “Darkest moment is just before dawn”.

Get ready to wake up to a new you.

Taken from my book: “Quantum Thoughts: Answers III”



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