Your life is a game


Listening to people of different age groups I have realised that every stage in our lives has its own uncertainties and tests.

When I was younger I thought that once you reached certain age you would know everything you need to just live your life without problems.

As I have reached different stages in my personal path, I have learned that we never get to the point of knowing everything we thought we would learn and I am so happy for that, for learning is one of the highest pleasures of life.

We keep changing every day and our needs and wishes evolve with us as well.

What we need to learn right now is right in front of us and we decide if we want to see it or not.

What we needed to learn yesterday is not the same we need to learn now, because circumstances have changed, the tests we need to pass are different and if we look back those things we needed to learn were there for us and we actually did learn them because Life made sure we learnt them and applied them.

Are we open to see the lessons we are facing right now?

I know it sounds obvious, but it actually takes some practice and WILL to see what is the Universe requesting from us to learn and understand.  Many times the tests and difficulties that are placed in our lives are there to remind us about  those aspects that we need to work on so we can advance to the next stage.

Try to imagine your life right now as a video game.  You need to pass to the next level going through different events and along the way you will find tools, medicines, food, and quizzes to solve.  But in video games as well as in your life itself everything is provided, your job is to search for those items and use them so you can advance and pass to the next level.

Life is always providing you the tools and events for you to get what you need in order to advance and be a better you.  We just forget about that bountiful provision that is always available for us.  We have decided not to see it for is what everyone else is saying around us.

We are playing this game with others in a multiplayer experience in real time.

So we need to understand that every decision we take will affect the game of the others around us as well.  And we cannot change our game without affecting the other players too.

So be open and search inside of you; what is it that you must learn now in order to be able to use those tools the Universe is offering you right now? Get your tools (knowledge) and solve the quizzes you are facing right now knowing you are more than capable of doing it.  Those “problems” are there to help you advance and you already have the required inventory inside of you to help you pass to the next level.

Now decide to advance to the next level and happy gaming!

Taken from my book: Dialogs with my inner self



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