Open to miracles


As things change in our daily life our brain registers everything around us.  We think we are aware of everything happening in our environment, but it is impressive to analyse all the details our conscious mind misses in the process.

It is the subconscious mind the one that registers everything and stores it in our inner archives.

The same happens with the events that occur in our lives.  They arrive and we immediately place them a tag, a positive one or a negative one, but the thing is that in either case we don’t see the whole picture.

We face the event and miss most of the scene.  We put a “good” or “bad” tag to it as fast as we can, since our conscious mind needs to have an adjective so it can classify it and react according to our own perception.

But have you realised that most of the time we hurry to classify an event just to find out some time later, that we were wrong in our judgement?

In these modern times, we are living, we are forgetting to take some time before making judgements.

Have you ever tried to make a pause before reacting to a comment or event, to fully understand what is going on?

While looking at my past, I have found many disgraces that turned out to be big blessings.  And I am sure you will too if you take some time to analyse your past and carefully see how many things turned out right, after a negatively pre-classified event.

We need to be open to miracles in order to receive them.  Every morning ask for a miracle to appear in your life and decide to be open to receive it.  Note that if you are not open and expecting it, it might not appear or you won’t see it even if it is right in front of you.

That openness will trigger many things that are already in the “unseen”, and your desire to attract changes into your life will create the circumstances and will open the hidden doors for miracles to appear.

I repeat: Just remember to be open and willing to receive them. It is your desire and your will, the real triggers that will manifest the miracles in this local reality and once you see the results you will become naturally open to miracles.

From my book: “And the dialogues continue…”


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