Forget everything


What if all I am experiencing now is just a creation of my memory pictures?

What if every situation, person, problem and blessing is just there because is what my mind expected based on past experiences?

Is there a way to change that vicious circle?

Repeating the past might be comfortable in many areas, but the only way to evolve and advance in this universe is “forgetting about our past experiences and learn to look at everything as if it was the first time”.

I know this sounds strange and even impossible but it is a matter of practice, as everything else.

Even trying to look everything around us as if it was the first time is an exciting exercise that help us to find new elements, that were always there, but that we were missing due to the lack of attention to something that lost its “mystery”  for being there all the time.

Have you ever heard someone praising your coworker, best friend or spouse for something you hadn’t even noticed because you no longer look at him or her as someone new?

If we try to look at events, situations, problems or people, not making our judgment based on past experiences, for a change. We will notice that they will have elements we have missed out for our lack of detailed observation.

If we try not to anticipate results, behaviours and appearances and train ourselves to observe everything with new eyes, changes will appear in our universe and a new world will reveal itself before us.

I know this is easier said than done but it is worth the try.

Many times we keep repeating the same old record in our heads, and therefore manifesting the “same old same old” around us.  So take some time to learn how children look at things and try to implement it in your own experience.

Have you noticed how children can watch the same cartoon or movie many times and every time they laugh as the first time? How have we lost that gift?

Start observing your everyday world as a traveller that this morning woke up in your shoes and looks at everything in your life for the first time.  How exciting and marvellous everything is.  Even the most common objects and customs appear wonderful and interesting when observed for the first time.  You will discover that there is a hidden miracle in everything and that everything in this universe has hidden aspects that we have denied ourselves to discover just for taking them for granted.

Go ahead; a new world and a new life wait to be unveiled…

From my book: “Dialogues with my inner self. Vol III”


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