Healing time

And everywhere I turned my head there were people talking about how difficult this year has been for all.

Changes, radical endings, new beginnings, people leaving, new people appearing, in one word: CHAOS.

But we have learned that Mother Nature does not like chaos.  There is not a Law of Chaos anywhere.

What we call chaos is just something we haven’t fully understood. But if we watch closer we will see that everything follows a certain order. Even, if we cannot see it. There is an order and a purpose in everything.

So, during this time of the year, when we are approaching the end of this cycle, we can be assured that everything we lived had a purpose. I only hope we were wise enough as to have learned what those events had to teach us so we don’t need to go again through those tests.

If we understand that this body we have and the world where we live in is just the product of our own creation, then I think is time we decide to heal everything.

Healing cannot only be applied to your body.  You can heal your world, you can heal your soul, you can heal your mind; you can heal the environment, the water, the animals, your friends and family, the unknown people in the street, the people suffering on the other side of the world. Your healing power has no limits.

And once you decide to become a healing source, you will heal yourself at all levels.

Make the commitment to change your thoughts and your attention, so today only good thoughts are kept in your mind.  Pay attention to all those wonderful things and news that are already in front of you but you haven’t been able to identify because you have been too busy getting into the “General flow”.

If someone else comes to you today to talk about your illnesses, change the subject and talk to that person about your wonderful gifts and abilities. And how fast, your body is recovering lately.

Please send thoughts of love, abundance and health to those people who have been hurting you. Tonight decide to send good “vibes” to all those people who are lonely, in hospitals, in prisons, sleeping in the streets etc.

Heal the world with your intention, so you can heal yourself as well.  We need you healthy, happy and living an abundant life so we can all be in balance.

We are all ONE, this world, your mind, my mind, your body, my body, it is all the same, we are an extension of the Universe and every one of us is an important piece in this giant puzzle.

It’s healing time, so let’s heal and therefore be healed NOW.

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