The hindrance

Most times we tend to take for granted the importance of hindrances in our paths.

Have you ever transited a long straight highway? I once had to drive for 9 hours from Saudi Arabia to Jordan on a long straight line of “nothingness”.

Most people would think this could be the safest way to travel, “no curves, no danger” right? Wrong.

It is exasperating to keep moving forward with no “twists and curves”.

Your subconscious mind forces you to accelerate to reach your destination as fast as possible. And that provokes more accidents than in a road full of curves.

I just experienced the same effect today while I was walking on a very long street with nothing but a long walk with no shops, houses, stores nor anything to distract my mind from that plain wall on the right side.

The street was not that long, but the absence of distractions, made me feel it was twice as long, as it was.  Not even a hole on the pavement to distract my mind with.

The same happens in our lives when things do not get “difficult”.  When we fall into a “boring routine” and we keep thinking as usual, doing the same things as usual, seeing and talking with the same people as usual.  Life gets dull and becomes a drag.

We lose our motivation to carry on and we also miss our way.

To live an exciting and meaningful life, we humans, need challenges, we need to keep learning and improving ourselves.  When we keep moving and exploring new territories, our soul feels energised all the time.

Most times, life puts obstacles on our way so we can just go around them, climb them, take them out of the road or just dissolve them while we learn to be stronger and remind ourselves of our greatness and power.

When I think about those times in my past, when things looked cumbersome and the deepest darkness covered my sight and I felt that there was no feasible solution. I noticed that fear and uncertainty were my usual companions.

But observing how things “accommodated” themselves, unexpected solutions appeared “out of the blue” in the least expected moment, allows me to recover my peace of mind immediately.

You might ask yourself why things are so “appalling” in your life right now, how situations are getting more difficult, how all the doors are closing on you and how vulnerable you are getting every day.  But if you review your past in an honest manner and leave “emotional judgement” aside, this present time is not as bad as you think.

There have been many people in worse situations than yours now, who have conquered their fears, vanished their obstacles and succeeded in a way they didn’t expect, just because they believed in themselves and kept on going.

I do not love my problems and obstacles right now, but I do not fear them anymore, I do know now that they are here for a good reason, they are my teachers, they will force me to take the right way and, in the end, they will make me more powerful and wise.  That is the way I see them and this perspective has given me more good results than playing victim all the time, expecting others to come and help me out.

Maybe it is time to accept “what is” in your life right now, and learn from it, so you can open yourself to receive what you need and want in your life in your local reality.

After all, you will be thankful for those “hindrances” in the future, even if you cannot see it that way right now.



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