I am the obstacle


I was trying to remember the precise moment when I started to materialise my wishes like crazy, one after the other.  And then in what precise moment I stopped doing it.

I remember that when I learnt about the Law of Attraction I was really excited about the new discoveries I was making and at the same time I was not limiting myself on what I wanted to manifest in my life.

But after sometime my old ideas started to slow me down and then I stopped asking and setting goals.

Then it was when things became difficult again.

I forgot that when you want to manifest something in your reality, you have to extend to different directions in your life, not only one aspect of it.

The more goals you set the more energy you will generate and the more you will receive.

Don’t think about the Universe as a limited entity that will limit you to three wishes as the genies in the fairy tales.  In order to open your mind to the concept of abundance, life, health, etc. you need to ask abundantly, healthfully, lovingly and so forth.

If you limit your request to one aspect then the balance is broken and your old ideas of lack will assault your mind hindering your progress.

Relearn to ask your own rights, you deserve to be healthy, loved, wealthy and have a plentiful life.  Then start asking and setting as many goals as you can so your spirit breaks free from that concept of lack and limitation that has been spreading in the past years around the globe.

Do not take setting many goals as distracting your mind on many things at the same time.  That confuses the mind.

Set many goals but in different areas so they all enhance your life and make you a better and happier person.   Maybe you want to start to walk more, eat healthier, read a book a week or more, learn a new language, retake your tennis lessons, join a chess club, etc.

You know what you need, what you wish and what you’d love to do. So, start writing as many goals as you want and you will feel how this will open new doors in your mind, even you didn’t know they were already there.

Sometimes just doing that will help you to tune into the right channel once more.

Do not be afraid to write all you wish and need. Do not let your old limiting ideas take over control once more.

Feel the freedom again, that is your natural state and your birth right.

From my book: “Inner Wisdom II”


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