Procrastinating your well-being

“And when I have a new house, then I will be happy” this woman said to her companion in a loud voice as if she wanted the whole world to find out.

“Then I shall know that everything I have done was worth it, all the pain, all the hard work, my suffering.”  The lady who was sitting beside her looked at her in silence.

“Then I’ll be able to smile again and know everything will be alright. “she concluded in a triumphant tone.

The lady who was travelling with her asked her after a few seconds: “how long have you waited for that to happen?”

“Thirty years” the first lady answered.

“And how do you know you will be totally happy when you have got your own house? What if other things are missing in your life as well, but you haven’t noticed them yet?” Her friend enquired once more.

“No, I have been suffering every day for not having a place to call my own, so I know that as soon as I get it, I’ll be happy for ever. “

The gates of the train opened and both ladies disappeared in the crowd.

Then I began wondering how many times I had “postponed” my own happiness for placing it on an external event, person or thing and most times, when I had finally reached that goal I was not happier than before.

Actually, I was even gloomier. I was missing the main ingredient.

When I wish to reach a certain goal, my heart is full of excitement, expectations, ideas, dreams and so on. Those emotions impulse me to reach out and do what I need to obtain what I want.

But when I get that, sometimes I realise that it was not what I expected and if it was, then I am craving for something new.

Then anguish, desperation, stress and other negative emotions appear and what it could be a wonderful pleasant journey, ends up being a torture.

It took me many years of falling and getting back up to learn to decide to be happy, just for the sake of it.

Deciding to be happy now, has helped me to achieve much more than striving to obtain what I wished for.  That happiness has always impulsed me to get out of the hole when things got tough and gave me the necessary strength to carry on.

When you are happy, the way appears shorter and brighter. And once you get to your goal, the next one is easier to achieve.

Besides, that happiness will give you an inner peace that will make things fall into place faster and easier than if you keep “fighting” to achieve your wish.

Decide to be happy right this moment, just for the fun of it.  So, your next step be easier, lighter and “magically guided”.

Happiness will lighten your journey and give you better results than being moody and concerned all the time.

Do not wait to be at the end of your journey to feel that divine joy. Being happy is your ticket for a first-class travel, better health and higher achievements.

After all, we already are surrounded by too many grumpy people complaining about how the whole world is, instead of irradiating their own Light to make this world a brighter and better place.  Please do not be one of them.

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