I don´t know about you but, I am just tired of seeing the opinion wars on social networks, News media, newspapers, radio, TV and even in the neighbour´s coffee table.

One side says they know what they are talking about, the other side give their “reasons” and instead of people trying to reach a common conclusion, all I see is people trying to defeat the other side.

You can see people complaining about everything but they never give an alternative solution to that situation. Politicians around the world promising to end the unemployment, hunger, war and every human problem there is, if people vote for them, but they never say how they are going to comply, of course they do not have a clue, they just want their votes.

Social networks full of people criticising their governments, their friends and neighbours, but never giving feasible propositions.

And yes, sites like mine complaining about all of them.

Could we just stop this whining mode and contribute some good ideas to make this a better life? Can we really “fix” the world and find effective solutions to those problems we so harshly attack?

Well, maybe is not as easy as we think, and if we were in the place those people we constantly criticise, the perspective would be very different.  But we could take the first step towards a better world by correcting our own attitudes.

If instead of attacking someone else´s point of view, beliefs or actions we tried to put ourselves in their shoes for a minute, we might discover that pain has altered that person´s personality and that story is making them act the way they do. But most times we ignore those small details.

Then we act the way we do, because fear is dominating our life in impressive ways.  We are afraid of the future, afraid of our results, afraid of not being enough, afraid of what others think about us and so on.

Remember that you are where you are, because that is where you are supposed to be right now. That does not mean you need to stay there for ever, probably what you need to learn now is how to get out of there and that is why you have been here for a while. Keeping this in mind will help you to trust in yourself, trust in the process, trust in Life and trust that your results will be the best for you.

In any case, you are here, you have got what you need right now to take the first step.  If you like your life as it is now, keep doing what you are doing. If you want change, create a variation in yourself. Modify a little thing every day until you see the difference you want in your life. But make a transformation every day.

Stop complaining about your world and begin living the life you want, make the changes in your inner self first. Then you will see other people being led by your example. Keep so busy with your own enhancement that other people´s mistakes pass unnoticed to your ego. And instead of criticise offer viable options.  That is the best way to see the change you want to see in your life, manifested in your reality.

Remember: “You are not a contender, you are a creator.”







5 thoughts on “Contending

  1. Thank you for reading Eric, fortunately there are not many quick fixes. Good things take time. And times teaches us at its own pace. Let´s enjoy the process.

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  2. There is a quick fix! All we have to do is make the choice to be kind, generous with our time, treasure and talent, and take care of each other. Simple. The hard part is choosing to let go of all the manifestations of fear. I know it’s not that easy, but I also think it is 😀

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