Spiritual fitness

Most of my friends are always looking for tips and guidance to be physically fit.  This is a common trend nowadays all over the world.

But despite walking a lot, eating only healthy food and taking care of myself as much as I can, sometimes I feel the weakest and more unattended part of my being is my inner self.

So, after doing some research, I have found some tips to increase your inner strength and feel more powerful every day.

Some of this tips might not apply in your case but try them anyway and see if you get better results.

1.- Drop your resistance to take calculated risks. Trust yourself and your results and you will increase your self-confidence and inner power by achieving small goals that will prepare you for the bigger ones.

2.- Do not recoil from obligations.  Finding excuses for not fulfilling our responsibilities is a common fault we can easily indulge in.  The more you shy away from them the hardest will be to keep up with what is next.

3.- Do not allow other people´s opinion impact your sentiments. Open our hearts to others is hard, but allowing them to take control of our emotions is the worst mistake we can make. Be yourself and let others outside your own business.

4.- Stop your self-pity mode. Indulge yourself sometimes is ok, but falling into the “poor little ol’ me” side for too long is the main cause of a low esteem syndrome. Avoid it!

5.- Allow things to appear at their right time. We all would love that the things we wish for appeared faster in our life. But Life has a different timing and we should know by now, that Her timing it´s much more precise than our own.

6.- Do not reside in the past. It is wonderful to remember those glorious times, our victories as well as those hard lessons that made us wiser and stronger, but they are all gone. We have a wonderful adventure to live here and now and it is this moment, when miracles are forming and getting ready to manifest in our life.

7.- Being alone is a blessing too. We all enjoy the company of people we love, and being with people can teach us a lot and can heal many wounds too, but we are individuals who need a time with ourselves as well.  Your inner being needs you. Don´t make it wait any longer, you will discover more things within than you can imagine.

8.- Life does not owes you a thing. We are all co-creators of this reality. You come, do your job and then exit the scene as soon as you completed your role here. Then the next arrives and shares their part as well. We all have something to teach and something to learn, something to give and something to receive, but we are all contributors and recipients. No one owes you nothing, you own no one anything either.

9.- You cannot make everybody happy at the same time.

I know many people who do things they hate, just to make other people happy, making themselves miserable in the process and that situation never ends well.  Be yourself and give what you can give, but remember that you do not have to make other people happy all the time. That is NOT your responsibility, no matter what they told you.

10.- You cannot control everything in the Universe. Stop wasting your time and energy trying to have everything under your control all the time, learn to let go and know when to take the steering wheel of your life. But specially, do not over-stress yourself in the process.

11.- Do not feel bad for the success of others.

We all have our own abilities and gifts, we have no need to feel jealous or resent the achievements of other people. We all have our way to shine with our own personal light. There is enough for us all. Some take advantage of it, some do not, but either way, you are wonderful and nobody can substitute your place in this universe.

12.- Do not get used to quit after the first try.

Sometimes after a bad beginning, we feel we are not good enough and our “logical” response is to quit. We decide it is not “our thing” and then we abandon something that could be our great breakthrough.  As they old saying goes: “If at first you don´t succeed, try and try again”. Your future you, will thank you for it.

I hope these tips I have found over the internet will give you some ideas to apply in your life and become a better you in the near future.

I have been trying them and they work great for me.




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