I am here


I think we all have asked ourselves how our life would be now if we had or had not done somethings in our past.

It is normal to wonder how different our life would be, if we had gone a different path.

One interesting aspect of the theory of multiverses (multiple universes) which explains that we are living our life in different “layers” or “strings”, that is, in one of those “strings” we are living a different path, for instance, if you dropped school in your teens, and now you are working on your own, in a different “string” you are working for a company, in other “string” you are a doctor, in another you are a farmer, in another you never dropped out of school, etc.

Some Hindu philosophies say that we are here so the universe experiences all possibilities through us, so once we die, we go back to the source and “feed” the Universe with our life experiences.

So if we are living right now the consequences of a decision we took in the past, in a different “string” we are living the opposite.

Anyway, whether we believe in that or not, is not really relevant, we are living right now a life we are supposed to live, we are experiencing what we are supposed to experience and we shouldn’t blame anyone else for it.

We have become the person we are suppose to be and that is thanks to those decisions and paths we chose and right now we are perfect.

The advantage of this is that if you just feel you don’t need to experience what you are living right now, then you can make the changes in order to steer you life towards the direction you need at this particular moment.

If you just let go of the pressure, things will be easier since they will follow their natural flow.

Another interesting aspect of that theory is that your attention will determine the “string” you are living in, that is why what you keep your attention on, becomes your reality.

So we can actually shift from a frequency to the other and then “live” in that frequency, therefore attracting the events, people and things corresponding to that frequency.

You are here right now, and let me tell you that the person you are right now, product of all your past experiences, is a perfect version of you at this moment.

You have reached this far and you have done the best you could with what you had.  Now what is next? Just ask yourself:

“I am here, what do I want to experience now?”

Extract from my book: Inner Wisdom Vol I



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