One of the main issues of our modern world is that we are living so fast, so focused in our daily routine that we forget about our inner self.

Awareness is the key.  You can move your fingers, because you are aware of their presence in your body and because you know you can move them. You can do your daily chores because you know you are capable of doing them, you can walk, drive, jump and eat your soup because you know you can do these things and more.

You can see and recognise people and things because you are aware of their presence, actually the only reason you can see the things around you is because your mind is aware of their existence there. But believe it or not, there are even more things out there that you cannot see because your mind is not “tuned into” their frequency.

You’d be surprised to see how many things would instantly “appear” the moment you made your mind aware of their existence.

So once again I am asking you to be stricter with the things that enter your inner self through your senses.  Yes, you can be more careful with what you read but, to control what you listen to might be more difficult since people suddenly arrive and begin to bombard you with “bad news and gossips”.  But if your attention doesn’t focus on those details and you do not “respond” to that info with a negative emotion, then you are on the “safe side”.

So learn to search for the good and magical things around you. Teach your conscious mind to look for the “unseen”. Tune your mind to find the good frequencies in everything.

Be AWARE of the good in this world. Then abundance, health, wealth, love, enlightenment and all the good things you wish for, will arrive and irresistibly be attracted to your local reality.

It’s like when you lose something and after searching for it everywhere, you realise it was, all the time, right in front of you. Like searching for your glasses everywhere just to realise you had them on all the time.

In the same way, realise you already have what you are craving for right now, but only your awareness will make it “visible and tangible” to you.

If you need wealth, realise what true wealth is and see it in everything, I am sure you have abundance in many areas of your life like abundance of time, food, health, love, friends, air, trees, water, stars, insects and so on and so forth.

Abundance is the natural characteristic of the universe.

Just be aware that what you want is already your reality.

And don’t forget that if you want to see it (be aware of its presence) you have first to believe it.

Taken from my book: “Answers II”

Quantum Thoughts: Answers II by [Sampson, Hector]


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